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How to Find Homes for Rent in Jacksonville, FL: A Brief Guide

How to Find Homes for Rent in Jacksonville, FL: A Brief Guide

Nearly 44% of Jacksonville's population are renters.

Because there are so many renters in Jacksonville, there are plenty of homes for rent - over 1,000 at any given moment - but plenty of competition as well. If you're going to find the perfect rental home for your needs, you need to know how to navigate the market.

In today's post, we're going to give you a short guide for finding homes for rent in Jacksonville, FL. Finding something that you can call home for the long-term is possible, so keep reading, and we'll tell you what to do and how a property manager might be able to help.

Know Your Budget

The first thing to do is examine the market for single-family homes for rent in Jacksonville to get an idea of prices. Getting a sense of what you can get for your money is an important part of renting in any new city.

Use this information to set a monthly rent budget, and you'll be able to start your search. It's important to be realistic about rental prices. In Jacksonville, the average rental cost is about $1,600 per month.

Know Your Needs

Everyone's got their own needs when renting. If you've got a family, you're likely going to look for a single-family home to give you the space and comfort you need. If you're single, you can focus on location and amenities.

The best thing to do at this stage is to write down a prioritized list of wants and needs. It'll be helpful to refer back to this as you're searching through the hundreds of listings on the market. There's a low chance you'll find a rental that ticks every box, but prioritizing your needs will help you narrow the choices down.

Choose a Neighborhood

Jacksonville is a large and continually growing city with plenty of diverse neighborhoods. One of the most important aspects when searching for a house for rent in Jacksonville is to choose which neighborhoods most appeal to you.

For example, if you're looking to live in the middle of everything, a downtown apartment might be the best option. Those who want to be close to trendier shops and restaurants might choose Avondale. When you want a quieter, family-oriented area, San Marco is a great choice.

Thorough Inspections

As you start looking at properties, you'll need to take everything into consideration. Renters get wrapped up in the location and rental price, but it's important to thoroughly inspect all Jacksonville, FL, rentals before agreeing to move in.

Rentals go through a lot of wear and tear, but if you don't inspect the unit, you might not notice that until it's too late. A well-maintained rental is more livable, but it's also a sign of a good landlord who cares for their tenants.

Homes for Rent Through a Property Manager

When you're moving into a new market, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect homes for rent. These tips will help you find great Jacksonville, FL homes for rent, but nothing is guaranteed. If you want a sure thing, hiring a property manager is the move.

At Nest Finders Property Management, we represent a variety of single-family property owners who want to find great tenants for their homes. Contact us today to see the best homes for rent in Jacksonville, FL.