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Best Areas to Invest in Jacksonville

Best Areas to Invest in Jacksonville

Jacksonville real estate is in high demand! It is crucial to understand Florida's top places to make a successful rental property investment. Do your research before you invest in Jacksonville rental properties. Doing your research guarantees you'll be able to anticipate your earnings based on the neighborhood.


In this article, the team at Nest Finders Property Management will discuss the best Jacksonville neighborhoods you can consider for your rental property investment. Reading this article will ensure you have an advantage over other Florida real estate investors in the market because you’ll know which neighborhoods will provide you with the best return on your investment.


Oakleaf Plantation


You can enjoy a well-planned community's great amenities by investing in Oakleaf Plantation real estate. Its key benefits include its proximity to downtown Jacksonville, Florida. When you invest in Jacksonville, your tenants can enjoy access to a dog park, gym, pool, and playground.


Apartments in this area offer comfortable living spaces and quick access to upscale dining and shopping. Due to the pet-friendly facilities in Oakleaf Plantation, your tenants are welcome to own pets. 


You can also decide to invest in a rental property like single family homes or condo units if you want to rent to families. The area is close to a public library and top-notch schools, so parents can easily provide the best educational resources for their children.


Green Cove Springs


Families love this area due to its excellent school system. In addition to its close-knit community, Green Cove Springs has a rural atmosphere that families of any size can appreciate. Green Cove Springs is one of the fastest growing neighborhoods, making it a wonderful place to invest in real estate. 

Two residents in collared shirts admire a high quality white t-shirt in an upscale clothing boutique

You can go out to eat, shop, and spend time in the neighborhood parks. Green Cove Springs offers its residents facilities usually only found in large cities, including an airport and numerous sports venues in addition to waterways you can boat in! 




Riverside is one of the best neighborhoods for young professionals. Downtown Jacksonville is easily accessible from here, and St. Vincent's Medical Center is close by. You won't be surprised to find that people consider Riverside Avenue one of the prettiest streets in the nation after visiting this neighborhood. 


You will immediately fall in love with this idyllic neighborhood thanks to the shaded streets lined with tall oak trees, midcentury bungalows, and brownstones alongside the St. John's River. 


There are a ton of hip restaurants and clubs that make Riverside’s nightlife exciting! This Jacksonville neighborhood’s youthful air is perfect for anyone looking for a place that mixes historical architecture with modern pastimes, thanks to its various stores and relaxed atmosphere.




This upscale neighborhood is in one of the wealthiest areas to invest in properties in Jacksonville. You can find country clubs, refurbished single-family houses, and residential real estate developments in Deerwood. People who want an upscale Florida lifestyle and easy access to Jacksonville's most desirable amenities should reside in the Deerwood neighborhood.

Two construction workers level poured concrete to make a sidewalk for a new development project

Investors frequently choose to buy investment properties in this Jacksonville area as families make up most of its demographic and there are many residential units accessible. Deerwood, which has a low crime rate and is a beautiful place to raise a family, draws wealthier individuals because of its top-notch amenities and elite lifestyle.




There are several historical and natural landmarks and properties in this neighborhood. As one of the finer areas in Jacksonville, Southside is located south of the St. Johns River and is filled with riverfront vistas. Real estate investors can expect to rent to families in Southside when purchasing a house. 


Residents are naturally drawn to Southside because of its fascinating history and breathtaking scenery. With a wealth of amenities like dining establishments, retail stores, and shopping centers, Southside also offers convenience to its residents. 




The Mandarin neighborhood is named after the mandarin orange and is situated in southern Jacksonville. In this area, many residents feel as though they’re living in a tropical paradise. Individuals are drawn to this residential area due to its fantastic shopping, breweries, and entertainment amenities.

A bartender pours a pint of on-tap amber ale at a local craft brewery

Given Mandarin's ideal blend of residential, natural, and commercial spaces, investors will discover that investing in real estate here can be extremely profitable. Renters who value convenience, natural beauty, and historical attractions will surely be drawn to your Mandarin rental property.


Fruit Cove


Fruit Cove is the best option if you want to invest in affordable properties that incorporate nature into its way of life. Numerous parks, like Julington Creek Plantation Park, are close to the local river and bay. Residents can go boating since most residences are close to the waterfront.


The local schools in this Jacksonville neighborhood have excellent ratings. Additionally, because of the low crime rate, residents stay in this close-knit community for many years.


There are a lot of exciting culinary options at high-end supermarkets and independent family-owned stores. It’s simple to find work here because the job market in the city is in excellent shape. 




Given its increasing population, the city of Jacksonville consistently ranks among the best real estate markets. Jacksonville draws in new residents because of its numerous career prospects. 


Since it has a mild temperature, a high standard of living, an excellent environment for raising families, good schools, and a large variety of superb entertainment, the Jacksonville market has attracted a lot of interest. If you're looking to buy Jacksonville real estate, you should consider the above neighborhoods.

If you have questions regarding investment options in the Jacksonville area, don't hesitate to contact Nest Finders Property Management. Our knowledgeable staff works hard to offer tailored management solutions to property owners and investors in the above and other neighborhoods in Jacksonville.