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Whether you own a modern condominium in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville, a waterfront bungalow in Neptune Beach, or a single family home in Southside, you need a professional property manager to help keep your Jacksonville property maintained. No matter where you personally call home, Nest Finders Property Management will work to ensure you stay informed of your property’s health. Our innovative tools and resources allow us to stay connected to our clients across the nation. Renting inherited property, moving out of state, or juggling a rental portfolio across Florida? The team at Nest Finders Property Management is ready to help.

Consider the following common questions to help clarify your hunt for the perfect property manager.

Do I need a property manager in Jacksonville?

Even the most experienced landlords often find property management time-consuming and expensive. If you’re located outside of Metro Jacksonville, you need a partner who can obtain real results while keeping your tenants happy. Don’t leave the satisfaction of your clients and the maintenance of your property up to chance. Instead, work with a trustworthy property manager to protect the long-term stability of your investment.

How will a property manager’s services affect my rental income?

Many landlords forgo property management services because they are afraid of spending too much money each month. In many cases, however, working with an experienced property manager can save you money. At Nest Finders Property Management, our industry professionals work to streamline your expenses through efficient, ongoing maintenance calls, regular inspections, and reliable accounting. We also enjoy partnerships with various vendors and suppliers, which allow us to pass on wholesale prices to the clients we serve.

How will I stay in the loop when I’m away?

Perhaps the number one concern for absentee landlords is staying aware of what’s occurring with their property when they’re out of the area. Nest Finders Property Management uses many diverse tools to keep our clients in the loop, including a dedicated property owner portal which features comprehensive expense reports, financial documents, and inspection notes. Connect to your client portal anywhere you have an Internet connection, and peruse the latest information on your account. If a problem arises at any time, our team will work to resolve the issue immediately, and we’ll keep you up to date with a detailed message.

Are you ready to experience the best customer service in Jacksonville? Call us today to learn how our team can help you earn more money, keep your tenants content, and protect your property against damage. At Nest Finders Property Management, we don’t simply manage properties; we manage real relationships with real people.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Tyler Holley

Nest Finders Property Management was a pleasure to work with and very professional. They found quality tenants for my home and handled all of the background checks in a timely fashion.

Tyler Holley

Property Owner

Madelin Lepri

No Landlord should be without this fantastic and dynamic team! St. Augustine and Jax areas are extremely lucky to have these services available! Blakely, along with his team of experts, provides outstanding services! Thank you Nest Finders Property Management!

Madelin Lepri

Property Owner

What Makes Nest Finders Property Management Your Best Choice in Neptune Beach Property Management?


Focused on Rental Properties

Unlike many other property groups, we focus exclusively on Neptune Beach Rental Properties. Our residential property managers aren't focused on making sales and doing rental management for investment properties part-time! Every Nest Finders Neptune Beach property manager is focused on managing/leasing your Jacksonville rental property full-time.


We’re Efficient & Experienced

Forget entrusting your rental property to amateurs. Our talented team of property managers is well-versed in the challenges of Neptune Beach property management.


Honest, Affordable Rates

Our clear-cut pricing information and no hidden fees make it easy to estimate your property management expenses, and our vendor relationships allow us to pass the discounts on to you.


24/7 Account Access

Review your financial statements, leases, and inspection reports with a simple click—online access to our owner's portal's detailed financial reporting tools make it easy to monitor your Neptune Beach property's health.


Comprehensive Marketing

Our marketing strategy extends far beyond classified ads and “for rent” signs. Our expertise in marketing and other property management services, such as tenant screening in the Greater Jacksonville area, allows us to place a qualified tenant in your rental home quickly.


Hands-On Rental Property Inspections

Regular Neptune Beach rental property inspections help ensure we identify problems in every Neptune Beach rental property before they escalate.

Unlike other property management companies, we don’t simply tick boxes on a list—our team performs an in-depth analysis. Complete with Rental Inspections saved to the cloud, you can view them anytime.


A Proven Partner

We want to help you succeed, as we don’t make money if your Jacksonville investment properties sit vacant. As one of Neptune Beach's leading property management companies, we work around the clock to provide mutually-beneficial management services to countless property owners.

From tenant screening to security deposit and rent collection, we use our local market expertise to help property owners like you land quality prospective tenants!


Dedicated Support

Discover the appeal of working with an easily accessible team. Have questions or concerns about your Neptune Beach FL property? Our staff is always ready to field your call.

Do you have any Jacksonville rental properties that need management? Are you looking for rentals in Jacksonville, FL? Give us a call at (904) 565-9040 for more information.

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