Vacant Properties Hurt Your Bottom Line

When your rental property sits vacant, your bottom line takes a serious hit. As soon as a previous tenant moves out, it’s important to act quickly to obtain another renter. This includes preparing the home for a new tenant, addressing any repairs or damage, and marketing the property efficiently. By making this process a top priority, you can minimize the impact a vacancy has on your finances.

How Long Does it Take?

The average rental home sits on the market for 52 days, whereas some take even longer to rent. At Nest Finders Property Management, we start marketing your home as soon as it becomes available. We use a number of different resources to ensure we capture the attention of would-be renters across Greater Jacksonville. Unlike other management groups in our area, we conduct video tours of every property we represent, which allows potential tenants to obtain a better understanding of the property’s amenities and layout.

Every property is unique in its own way, and various factors influence how quickly it finds a tenant. Location, condition of the home, and the price point all play a role in a rental home’s appeal. Our team of property management professionals understands the demands of our local market, and will help optimize your rental to find a tenant as quickly as possible.

How Much Should I Charge?

Setting the monthly rent for a residential property is an important decision. Not only does the price point narrow your pool of potential tenants, but pricey rentals often sit on the market for longer periods of time. Many property owners are tempted to set a rental price that covers all expenses like mortgage payments and management fees, but this strategy can also backfire. For example, if your property ultimately commands a higher rent, but your home sits on the market for three months because of its sticker price, you’ll make less money annually than you would have if the rental was priced appropriately.

Navigating the pricing waters proves tricky for most landlords. Fortunately, our team is well-versed in Greater Jacksonville rentals. We’ll advise you according to comparable properties in our area, and work together to maximize your potential revenue.

Maintaining the Property

Before your property is ever advertised or marketed towards tenants, it’s essential to address the condition of your home. Partnering with Nest Finders Property Management provides a savvy solution for keeping your home in great shape year after year. Not only does a well-maintained home draw a rental premium over other properties, but these residences encounter fewer challenges over the course of time. Furthermore, it’s much easier to make continual adjustments and improvements to a property as needed, rather than performing a pricey, drawn-out overhaul down the road.

The Nest Finders Property Management team wants to help rent your property in Jacksonville quickly. Stop stressing about long vacancies, costly marketing efforts, and endless showings and let our talented staff take the reigns. Our approach revolves around our clients and the tenants they serve. Discover the Nest Finders Property Management difference and say goodbye to the pressure, one and for all.

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Our Results Speak for Themselves

Tyler Holley

Nest Finders Property Management was a pleasure to work with and very professional. They found quality tenants for my home and handled all of the background checks in a timely fashion.

Tyler Holley

Property Owner

Madelin Lepri

No Landlord should be without this fantastic and dynamic team! St. Augustine and Jax areas are extremely lucky to have these services available! Blakely, along with his team of experts, provides outstanding services! Thank you Nest Finders Property Management!

Madelin Lepri

Property Owner

What Makes Nest Finders Property Management Your Best Choice in Neptune Beach Property Management?


Focused on Rental Properties

Unlike many other property groups, we focus exclusively on Neptune Beach Rental Properties. Our residential property managers aren't focused on making sales and doing rental management for investment properties part-time! Every Nest Finders Neptune Beach property manager is focused on managing/leasing your Jacksonville rental property full-time.


We’re Efficient & Experienced

Forget entrusting your rental property to amateurs. Our talented team of property managers is well-versed in the challenges of Neptune Beach property management.


Honest, Affordable Rates

Our clear-cut pricing information and no hidden fees make it easy to estimate your property management expenses, and our vendor relationships allow us to pass the discounts on to you.


24/7 Account Access

Review your financial statements, leases, and inspection reports with a simple click—online access to our owner's portal's detailed financial reporting tools make it easy to monitor your Neptune Beach property's health.


Comprehensive Marketing

Our marketing strategy extends far beyond classified ads and “for rent” signs. Our expertise in marketing and other property management services, such as tenant screening in the Greater Jacksonville area, allows us to place a qualified tenant in your rental home quickly.


Hands-On Rental Property Inspections

Regular Neptune Beach rental property inspections help ensure we identify problems in every Neptune Beach rental property before they escalate.

Unlike other property management companies, we don’t simply tick boxes on a list—our team performs an in-depth analysis. Complete with Rental Inspections saved to the cloud, you can view them anytime.


A Proven Partner

We want to help you succeed, as we don’t make money if your Jacksonville investment properties sit vacant. As one of Neptune Beach's leading property management companies, we work around the clock to provide mutually-beneficial management services to countless property owners.

From tenant screening to security deposit and rent collection, we use our local market expertise to help property owners like you land quality prospective tenants!


Dedicated Support

Discover the appeal of working with an easily accessible team. Have questions or concerns about your Neptune Beach FL property? Our staff is always ready to field your call.

Do you have any Jacksonville rental properties that need management? Are you looking for rentals in Jacksonville, FL? Give us a call at (904) 565-9040 for more information.

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