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Why Your Property Manager Should Be Doing Virtual Tours of Your JAX Rental

Why Your Property Manager Should Be Doing Virtual Tours of Your JAX Rental

In this digital age, many people are starting their search for a rental online. They want to only see the homes best suited to them in person. 

If your JAX property manager is not uploading a comprehensive virtual tour of your home then maybe it is time to seek the help of professionals like those at Nest Finders.

There are many reasons to include a virtual tour for your rental home listing. 


For the landlord or property manager having a virtual tour can appeal to potential renters. It saves time for both the property manager and the renter if they can preview the home before setting an appointment. 


By walking through the space virtually first potential renters can choose which homes they want to see in person. This saves time for both parties. 


Another advantage of the virtual tour is how easy it is to share. Whether it is social media or just family members sharing a link is easy. It is helpful for couples who can’t both make an in-person showing to drill down to just the rentals that they are interested in.


If you are going to have a virtual tour you will want to be sure it does its job. By following some simple tips you will have an asset you can use over and over. Spending some time preparing and showcasing your property appropriately will give you your best value.


A couple of tips for getting a better virtual tour: 

  • Make sure your lighting is good
  • Staging is important just like in a sale
  • Highlight your homes best features
  • Get more footage than you think you need
  • Don’t forget to include the exterior and yard


Once you have a virtual tour of your Jacksonville, Florida rental home it can be used for many years. That initial investment can pay off through many rounds of new renters looking at your JAX rental property. 


You don’t have to hire a company to curate your virtual tour but it is worth considering. Potential renters will be able to walk through the parts of the home they are most interested in as many times as they like.


For an initial investment of $350-500, you can have someone create a tour for you. 


Quicken Loans says, “There are a lot of vendors out there who will work with you to create virtual tours for your listings. Some will even create interactive floor plans or give your potential buyers a dollhouse-style overview of the home that allows them to click through the rooms at their leisure.”


The Matterport Blog gives some great statistics on how a virtual tour will pay off over time. “The numbers tell a success story across the entire customer journey:

  • Virtual tours get clicked on 40% more than listings without virtual tours
  • Properties featured with virtual tours get 95% more phone inquiries
  • Properties featured with virtual tours receive 65% more email inquiries versus those without
  • Virtual tours generate 49% more qualified leads


If you want more quality leads a virtual tour might be a smart investment in your rental property. If you want help from a successful property manager reach out to Nest Finders. They can do all of the hard work for you from showing the property to pricing it appropriately.

Check out their Youtube channel here for videos of some of their available rentals.