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Why a Landlord Should Not Communicate Directly With Their Tenants

Why a Landlord Should Not Communicate Directly With Their Tenants

Why a Landlord Should Not Communicate Directly With Their Tenants
Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash


While open communication is typically the best policy in any business there are several reasons you might want to avoid direct contact with your tenants.

You could choose to handle your own renters, cater to their every call and concern or have a professional handle for you. 

Depending on how you want to handle your investment, it might NOT be the best policy to communicate directly with your tenants.


Your rental investments are a business and should be treated as such. If you do not want your daily life to mix with your business you might want to consider a property manager to handle your rental property.


It is not always a good idea to blur that line between business and friendship. This can lead to hurt feelings in the case of a problem with your rental property.


There will always be exceptions where you have a great relationship and no issues with your tenants. Sometimes things work out and you will keep wonderful tenants in your rental home for many years. 


There will always be advantages and disadvantages of having direct contact with your renters. 


Advantages of communicating with your tenants

  1. Open communication leads to happier tenants
  2. Possibility of a renewed lease
  3. Trust comes from knowing your renters. 


You could build a great relationship that lasts many years with your tenants. Good payment history and easy communication would lead to a great working relationship. Happy tenants tend to stay longer and better protect your investment like it is their own.


Sometimes things do not go as smoothly between a landlord and their renters. 


Renters being late on rent is one of the biggest factors that can disrupt the relationship between a landlord and tenant. 


According to, “Sometimes, due to unavoidable circumstances, tenants fall behind in their rent. As sympathetic as you may be to their situation, it’s important to remember that investment properties are a business. Having a property manager mediate between you and your tenants means you don’t have to be emotionally invested in the conversation.”


Landlords who cannot quickly address issues within the rental such as a leaky pipe or an appliance that has quit working will definitely create tension with a renter.


We hope that we have a great relationship with every tenant. Not all of them will be as easy to work with and some will just not work out.


Disadvantages of directly communicating with your tenants

  1. Late-night phone calls
  2. Handling repairs at all hours
  3. Being taken advantage of because of a perceived relationship


To avoid miscommunication and emotional reactions with your tenants you can choose to hire a quality property manager like those at Nest Finders. They will treat your renters with respect while protecting your assets. They can even show you how they can save you money in the long run.


Call the professionals at Nest Finders today to see how they can help you with your renters and possibly save you some hard-earned cash in the process. Being in the business of rentals does not have to be your job.