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Property Management Post Pandemic

Property Management Post Pandemic

In this post pandemic world we will find that a lot of the services we have come to know will need to change. If you are a rental owner who self-managed your property in the past this is a great time to consider letting the pro’s take over your assets. 


No need to cut your losses and sell your rentals if you are worried about keeping them full of qualified tenants. This is the year to let someone else take over your showings and management so you no longer have to be the middle man. 


Before the Covid-19 shut down you may have gotten away with self-management of your properties. In-person meetings and showings were just part of the day to day operations of your business.


At that time you didn’t need to invest in a virtual walk-through or electronic documents for you one or two rental units. You just had to arrive at showings and have papers signed. Now things are not so simple.


A property management company like Nest Finders will use the technology they already had in place to get and keep your property full and well maintained. With the use of virtual showings, paperless applications and leases, along with monitored maintenance you can be sure your assets are being protected. 


Yes, I keep saying assets. Rental properties are money-making business assets and should be treated as such. In this uncertain time, you should be certain you are getting the most out of your investment.


You don’t even need to live in the area of your properties anymore to be sure they are being looked after and well cared for. All you need to do is sit back and collect the proceeds. 


Many companies had to shift quickly in March of 2020 to continue showing homes to potential renters. Those who were already using technology were able to keep the assets of their owners full of qualified tenants seamlessly. 


Nest Finders was one company that was ahead of the curve. They already had the technology in place to seamlessly transition to a work from home environment and keep showing properties. 


According to Blakely Hughes, the owner of Nest Finders, “When COVID hit, we were already fully prepared. We were already paperless. All of our processes were paperless. We were probably one of the first real estate type companies in the Northeast Florida region to be doing electronic leases as early as 2008. We took on DocuSign pretty quickly in our business.”


With a  little planning, property managers were able to not just continue, they never skipped a beat. 


Forbes says, “Just like in pre-pandemic times, it’s important for property management teams to place emphasis on the resident experience, making it as seamless as possible to keep residents satisfied. That remains the biggest tool in the toolbox for avoiding unexpected turnover and getting lease renewals signed”.


Having paperless applications, electronically signed leases and online payments makes for a very clean process with no chance for contamination or infection.


Having a great team like Nest Finders will allow you the peace of mind to let your assets be managed by the professionals who know best. Top of the Jacksonville market, Nest Finders has the best tools, brightest staff and are waiting to serve you.