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How to Advertise Your Jacksonville Rental Property Successfully

How to Advertise Your Jacksonville Rental Property Successfully

Included in a landlord’s list of responsibilities is advertising their rental property. In order to find quality tenants to rent your home on a year-long or month-to-month lease, you need to know how to effectively advertise your investment property. If you advertise your property properly, you’ll enjoy a myriad of benefits that will help your bottom line.

Proper rental advertising will expose your property to a large pool of prospective tenants. With many interested applicants to choose from, you’ll be able to rent your property quickly and to the most qualified tenant. 

Creating a customized rental ad will also help you filter your applicants more easily.

This will save you time during the tenant screening process since the information included in your rental ad will narrow your pool of prospective tenants. Customizing your rental ad will also help you maximize your return on investment or ROI.

Attracting a larger pool of prospective tenants will help you find the best tenant possible. A highly qualified tenant will provide you peace of mind by caring for your investment, paying rent on time and renewing their lease.

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How Can I Advertise My Jacksonville Rental Property Successfully?

To attract a large pool of renters you can then select your ideal tenant for your property from, Nest Finders Property Management suggests taking the following steps.

Take High-Quality Photos.

Photos alone can make or break your advertising efforts. Prospective tenants will want to have a visual image of what your property looks like in order to make an informed decision.  Certain factors like lighting, angles, and content will all determine the quality of your listing photos.

We strongly recommend you prioritize making your ad listing’s photos appealing to applicants, since photos are often what leave a first and lasting impression. You might need to invest not only time and effort, but also in a high-resolution camera.  

What Makes a Picture Attractive to Prospective Renters?

If your property looks dirty or in a state of disrepair, no quality tenant will give your listing a second look. Do what you need to prepare your rental property for the camera, like:

  • Hire professional cleaners to give your property a thorough cleaning. 

  • Choose a neutral color scheme to appeal to a broad spectrum of prospective tenants. 

  • Make necessary repairs, like changing burnt-out bulbs and fixing leaking faucets

  • Highlight important things that make the property stand out, like new appliances or other upgrades.

When you take your pictures, we also suggest focusing on the lighting and the angles. For the best lighting, take photos of the property’s exterior during ‘golden hour.’ This is the last hour before sunset and the first hour after sunrise.

Take photos of your property’s interior whenever the light is best in your home. Make maximum use of natural light by opening blinds, curtains and doors. As for the angles, stand at the corners of your unit when taking pictures to capture the widest vantage point. Stand in a position that allows you to capture natural and appealing shots.

It’s helpful to have a shot list for preparation and organizational purposes. Your shot list might include essential areas like the bedrooms, bathrooms, dining areas, living rooms and outdoor spaces of your unit, since prospective tenants will be interested to see these important areas.

Finally, we suggest using a good camera to take your photos. A resolution of 72 pixels at the very least will produce much more attractive pictures than a phone camera or otherwise.

Write a Great Ad Copy.

Pairing your high quality pictures with an engaging copy that describes your property’s best attributes will help find ideal tenants for your rental property. The ad copy is where you want to put your storytelling abilities to good use. Use the opportunity to convince prospective tenants why they should rent from you. 

Let prospective tenants know the basics of your rental unit, including:

  • The number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

  • The location, and a bit about the neighborhood.

  • The rental price.

  • The lease term. 

You can also let renters know about any new upgrades you’ve made to the property, and any additional amenities your property includes. This might include new paintwork, new appliances or new flooring.  Answer questions like: Is there a parking space? Is there an outdoor space? Have you installed security cameras on the property? Do you allow pets on your property? Is there an air conditioning system?

 You also need to abide by Florida landlord tenant laws and the Fair Housing Act when finding and placing a tenant.Don’t forget to match your engaging summary with a great headline. Remember, the headline is what applicants will likely see first. How you write it will determine whether they will open it or continue scrolling down to other listings.

You also need to include your contact information in the copy so interested applicants can reach you easily.

Distribute Your Ad Extensively.

It isn’t enough to have a great listing. The effort you spend in creating a great ad will only pay off when you distribute your ad to a large pool of prospective tenants. Once you’ve created your ad, start thinking about where your ideal tenants would be looking for their next rental.

If you’re targeting students, your best bet would be to use online platforms. Use a combination of social media and rental listing sites, among other resources. For older generations who might not be as active online, you can use more traditional marketing methods. This might include yard signs, community bulletin boards and local classifieds, among other resources. 

In A Nutshell: Marketing Your Property in Jacksonville, FL

If you take high-quality photos, create an effective and targeted ad copy and distribute your rental listing extensively, you’ll find a quality tenant for your Jacksonville property in no time. If you still find the marketing process daunting or have any questions about property management, contact the experts at Nest Finders Property Management

We’ve been helping property owners in Jacksonville achieve success since 2004. Get in touch with us today by dialing (904) 565-9040 to learn more!