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6 Back Yard Amenities That Will Get You Higher Rents

6 Back Yard Amenities That Will Get You Higher Rents

To set your rental property apart in the sea of others available you can spend a lot of money doing upgrades. One of the lowest-cost areas to upgrade is the yard. You can make a few quick changes to your rental between tenants and offer a beautiful space with lots of charm.

Here are 6 ways you can make a quick improvement to the yard at your rental and possibly increase your monthly rental rates.

1. Patio Lighting

Whether you chose solar or motion sensor lighting for your rental does not matter. What does matter is the added safety and convenience of nighttime outdoor lighting. 


A lit path or illuminated corner of the yard can make the space feel safer no matter what neighborhood your home is in. That same lighting can also accentuate your architecture, allow for more hours of use of the space or create a wonderful outdoor dining space. 

2. Create An Outdoor Entertainment Space

It does not matter if the yard is big or small it is easy to add entertaining space. Built-in or bring your own barbeque area, possibly some built-in benches and a simple patio will add value and a great selling point to potential renters. 


Since rentals are not staged like a home being sold it is helpful to have clearly defined areas to peak interest with people touring the home. If possible include the area staged in photos or the video tour of your home to get more interest.


Even a border can create interest in a space. suggests, “Add a flower bed border. This has to be the easiest and cheapest landscaping idea out there. Simply add a stone edge and mulch to pretty up plain flower beds in a snap.”

3. Shade Is All The Rage

Sunshine is abundant in Florida, it is why so many residents live here! Your renters may need a place to escape or just enjoy family time without scorching in the sun. 


Creating a space in your yard with ample shade enough for several people can add to the available living space. Consider a covered patio, lanai, or pergola in the yard to provide extra shade. With the addition of a ceiling fan, your renters can enjoy a cool breeze as they rest from the work week in your beautiful back yard. 


For added dramatic effect consider sun shades and possible built-in seating. Another great option is built-in solar lighting to set the mood and make the space usable at night if you do not want to run power out to this space. 

4. Add A Variety Of Textures And Plants

Having a variety of plants and flowers in the yard of your rental might seem like more work than it is worth. You can simplify and guarantee the plants you choose will be taken care of by using easy to care for varieties on a smart irrigation system. 


Creating a beautiful live backdrop with native plants and flowers adds interest and can attract renters who don’t want to live in a concrete highrise. 


C & L Landscapes in Jacksonville suggests, “Lilies, zinnias, lavender, daisies, sage, and pentas all do well in our climate.” 

5. Screen In That Porch

One thing Florida does bigger and better than most of the rest of the country is bugs. Give renters and their guests some respite from creepy crawlers and flying pests by upgrading a patio to a screened-in bug-free zone. 


An added benefit to the screened porch if you live by the water is no unwelcome water pests. No alligator by the back door or waterfowl pooping on the patio.

6. Water, Water, Water

Whether your home is on a body of water or not you can duplicate the feel with the right plants and a small fountain. Bringing water into your back yard scape will sell the renters on living in an oasis instead of just any old house. You do not need a pool in your yard to still have the feeling of water and nature around. 


If your current set up allows for it a misting system is a great way to use water to cool a patio area at a nominal cost. 


Your simple yard upgrades will attract more potential renters allowing you or your property manager to sign a lease with the best possible tenants. 

If you are wondering how much some simple outdoor upgrades can increase your rental rates get a Free Rental Analysis from Nest Finders today!!