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5 Reasons Appliances Matter In Your Rental Property

5 Reasons Appliances Matter In Your Rental Property

There are not many laws governing landlords and what appliances are required in a rental unit. Appliances or the absence of them does not affect the habitability of your rental property. But it might affect how much you can charge for rent.


According to, “The rental must have heat, hot and cold running water, working electricity, and a method for disposing of trash. Apart from that, anything else you provide is a bonus.”
In Florida, you must have a working stove and fridge in addition to water and electricity.

These days most rentals have most if not all of the standard appliances. They are typically listed as part of the features of the rental home in the marketing to get the attention of the best renters. Things like stainless steel refrigerators and dishwashers could add a monetary value that you can come back to you in higher rents.


Here are 5 reasons appliances DO matter to your rental home. 


1. Most renters do not have appliances of their own.

Part of the appeal to renters is not to have the responsibility of owning appliances. Renters tend to move more often than homeowners and regularly avoid the hassle of moving the bigger appliances. 


2. Upgrades in your rental appliances can bring higher rents.

Stainless steel kitchen appliances get noticed. It is a feature that will grab the attention of potential renters in your marketing. Going from an older plain white refrigerator to stainless steel could give you some wiggle room to increase the rent next time you get a renter. 


3. Newer amenities increase perceived value.

Tenants look for listings with stainless steel appliances and ice makers. Still, I would avoid ice makers and dishwashers if they are not already part of the rental. They are at a higher risk for major damage if something goes wrong. 


4. Kitchens are the heart of any home.

The votes are in and people love a nice kitchen. They pay close attention to the appliances, countertops, and cabinets. Keeping them in good repair will go a long way with potential renters.


5. No one wants to go to the laundromat, ever. 

Just by supplying a washer and dryer you could increase your rent $50-80 per month. Depending on the space you can go with side by side or stacking. Consider buying a nice used set for your rental and see how it goes before committing to a brand new set. 


While providing top of the line appliances to your renters is not necessary it could result in higher profits from your rental property. 

If you are ready to explore how your rental can increase your profits then meeting with the professional team at Nest Finders will give you insight on its maximum value.