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3 Benefits of Performing a Tenant Background Check as a Landlord in Jacksonville

3 Benefits of Performing a Tenant Background Check as a Landlord in Jacksonville

How thoroughly do you screen applicants before choosing tenants for your Jacksonville, FL properties? About nine in 10 landlords review tenant screening reports. However, these reports only contain a simplified summary of a renter's history.

Instead of using a do-it-yourself platform, conduct a thorough tenant background check. This will allow you to make informed decisions when selecting renters.

Not convinced you need to dedicate resources to this task? Read on to discover the benefits of conducting thorough checks today!

1. Comprehensive Information

Most DIY tenant screening platforms only provide a "Yes" or "No" recommendation. They won't tell you why a tenant is an ideal choice for your rental property. Instead of using these platforms, outsource.

A property management company can help you gather more comprehensive information about each applicant. They won't leave a stone unturned as they evaluate each renter.

These comprehensive reports may include:

  • Eviction histories
  • References
  • Criminal background checks
  • Employment histories
  • Credit checks

Think of these detailed reports as a safety precaution. You can confirm the renter is capable of paying rent on time. This can mitigate any potential financial risk.

Reviewing a renter's eviction history can help you avoid the cost of evicting them yourself. In Florida, an eviction could cost you between $3,000 and $4,000.

Thoroughly screening applicants will give you peace of mind. You can choose a renter who will pay on time. Knowing they don't have a history of troublesome behavior will help you make a confident choice.

2. Reduced Tenant Turnover

Developing a rigorous tenant screening process will help you reduce tenant turnover. You can focus your resources on finding reliable, responsible tenants.

The resulting reduced tenant turnover will save you time and money. Otherwise, you'll spend resources on marketing and screening new tenants. If your rental property sits empty, you'll lose potential income.

Allow a property management company to screen applicants for you. Their services will save you valuable time. The sooner you find new tenants, the sooner you can generate revenue.

You can retain these renters long-term to improve your occupancy rate. As this rate increases, so will your ROI.

3. Liability Protection

Thoroughly screening renters can protect you from future liabilities. For example, you can use a criminal background check to identify potential threats. Avoiding applicants with a criminal background will safeguard you and other renters.

Make sure you comply with Fair Housing laws when screening tenants. You can outsource this process to remain compliant. Hiring a full-service property management company can help you avoid potential liabilities.

Choose Tenant Background Check Services

Neglecting to screen applicants can lead to landlord stress and unexpected costs. Instead, request tenant background check services. A property management company can handle this process to save you time and money.

Let us handle your tenant screening needs! Our team at Nest Finders Property Management recognizes the importance of individualized assistance. We prioritize effective communication while supporting your real estate endeavors.

Trust our decades of experience, proactive approach, and around-the-clock availability. Our results-driven team will make your property a priority. Contact us today for a free rental analysis!