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Should you sell or hire a property manager going into 2021?

Should you sell or hire a property manager going into 2021?

With the election over and still a great amount of uncertainty in the world, you may be taking some time to look at your current investments to decide if staying in real estate is a sound business decision or not. 

Now is the time to decide if you should stay the course with your rental properties or move on. While you weigh out the options you should also consider the hiring of a high-end property manager to protect your assets for you.

Hiring a property manager means never having to deal with renters.

In these uncertain times having a property manager handle all of the showings and paperwork for your property may be good for your health. 


Virtual and self show options have been around for many years, but they are more important than ever. With the right set up, a good property manager can even take care of all of the applications and rental agreements without ever having to meet the renter in person. 


Why should you spend your days showing your property to someone who may not even qualify to rent from you? You could just sit back and have your rents sent to you by a professional.


Save your time and allocate it to projects that need your attention.

How many hours a month do you have to allocate to your rental properties? If they are full and in good condition, probably not many. 


What if you have several? Those hours start to add up. Do you want to be worried that a family vacation will be ruined by the needs of your renters? Or would you rather relax in peace because you know they will be quickly taken care of by pros? 


Don’t let time be stolen from your personal life because you didn’t hire the right team!


Freedom to relocate, travel, or spend more time with family.

Owning real estate can mean being shackled to a specific location. With vacancies, repairs, and inspections you will need to be close by.


Whether you have one rental or many you could be anywhere in the world if you have a property manager you can trust. Letting a professional take care of your asset frees you up in time and location.


Leveraged resources!!

Are you aware that good property management companies can save you money on repairs? With the relationships, they build due to the volume of work they need they can negotiate not only better rates but also priority service times getting your rental property fixed sooner. We all know that will keep your renters happy! 


You can see how getting an AC unit repaired the same day would make an impact on your renters’ lives compared to waiting 5-7 days with most installers. Happy renters stay longer.


Nest Finders will not only save you time but in the long run, could save you money. Let their professional team walk you through how by calling today!!