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Why You Should NOT buy a Home Warranty for a Rental Property

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Why You Should Not buy a Home Warranty for Your Rental Property Owners considering a home warranty for their Saint Augustine or Jacksonville rental home should know what property managers do and why you are better off not using one for your investment property When you own a rental property your top priority

Yes, Real Estate Is Still A Solid Investment

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Going into 2021 you may be questioning everything including your investments We have been through a lot this year between the recent election and the Pandemic It may be time to take a look with fresh eyes at your investment portfolio including your real estate investments Real Estate isn t just about rent

Should you sell or hire a property manager going into 2021?

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With the election over and still a great amount of uncertainty in the world you may be taking some time to look at your current investments to decide if staying in real estate is a sound business decision or not Now is the time to decide if you should stay the course with

Renters: Why You Should Only Work With A Reputable Property Manager

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Hopefully you are not someone who had to learn the hard way that all property managers are not alike There are some out there who do not take the needs of their renters seriously which can lead to some unfortunate situations Below we are going explore 5 things you should look for when

Could foreclosures mean a boom for rental properties?

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2020 may go down in the history books as one of the worst years ever but it may be a great year for real estate investment Could you boost your rental portfolio this year by picking up some bank foreclosed properties There are some good things that will come out of this year

5 Hassle-free Property Management Tools For 2020

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Now that we have been living with Covid 19 for most of this year we have come to rely on new things we have made changes and we are living with a lot of new ways of life With that in mind we are going to look at 5 things that will make

Property Management Post Pandemic

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In this post pandemic world we will find that a lot of the services we have come to know will need to change If you are a rental owner who self managed your property in the past this is a great time to consider letting the pro s take over your assets No

Part 2 of Our Interview With Nest Finders Owner, Blakley Hughes

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Blakley Hughes the Lead Broker and Owner of Nest Finders Property Management and Real Estate In Part 2 of our series we will be talking in depth with the owner of Nest Finders Blakely Hughes about how they thrived during the pandemic If you missed Part 1 you can get caught up here

An Interview with Blakely Hughes Part 1

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Blakley Hughes the Lead Broker and Owner of Nest Finders Property Management and Real Estate In this two part series we will be talking in depth with the owner of Nest Finders Blakely Hughes Blakely is not only the head of Nest Finders he is an all around good guy As a single

87 Questions To Ask A Property Manager Before Hiring Them

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Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash When considering hiring a property manager there are a lot of questions you could ask We have put together a comprehensive list of the questions that will be important to you as an owner Not every question will apply to your rental home or investing style but

Why a Landlord Should Not Communicate Directly With Their Tenants

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Photo by Maria Ziegler on Unsplash While open communication is typically the best policy in any business there are several reasons you might want to avoid direct contact with your tenants You could choose to handle your own renters cater to their every call and concern or have a professional handle for you

5 Reasons Appliances Matter In Your Rental Property

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There are not many laws governing landlords and what appliances are required in a rental unit Appliances or the absence of them does not affect the habitability of your rental property But it might affect how much you can charge for rent According to Landlordolgy com The rental must have heat hot and

How To Play Nice With The HOA When You Own A Rental

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Many people think that you cannot rent a home if it is within an HOA neighborhood Not only is it allowed but it is happening more than you think There are many benefits for a renter to a property being part of an HOA but they can cause issues too Let s start

How Does Paying A Property Manager Save You Money

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When considering using a Property Manager for your rental there are many factors to address beyond the dollar cost of a Property Manager handling your rental for you One of the biggest is the peace of mind in knowing someone is handling your tenants 24 7 You may not have considered all of

How To Navigate Emotional Support Animals In Your Rental Home

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Ugg another rental applicant stating that they have an emotional support animal At some point every landlord and property manager will have to deal with someone wanting to have an animal in a rental that clearly stated no pets Several things will need to be addressed when faced with a renter who states

Why Your Property Manager Should Be Doing Virtual Tours of Your JAX Rental

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In this digital age many people are starting their search for a rental online They want to only see the homes best suited to them in person If your JAX property manager is not uploading a comprehensive virtual tour of your home then maybe it is time to seek the help of professionals

Is A Tankless Water Heater A Good Investment For Your Rental Home?

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As a Landlord you know that someday you will get the dreaded call that the water heater has come to the end of its days That means it is decision time Do you go back with the old faithful holding tank or change things up and go tankless Looking online you will find

6 Back Yard Amenities That Will Get You Higher Rents

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Photo by Hutomo Abrianto on Unsplash To set your rental property apart in the sea of others available you can spend a lot of money doing upgrades One of the lowest cost areas to upgrade is the yard You can make a few quick changes to your rental between tenants and offer a

Home Warranties: Why you shouldn’t have one on your rental.

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Home warranties are all the rage as a perk in buying and selling homes There are companies out there that will sell you a policy on an existing home or new build to cover specific repairs or replacements that would be outside of your homeowner's insurance At first glance it might seem like

Smart Rentals - What you need to know before you upgrade your property!

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Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash Smartphone smart thermostat smart rental property With all the tech out there these days upgrading your rental property could mean lower utilities fewer issues and attracting socially and security conscious renters We live in a time of technological advancements While not all of your renters will care
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